The One Question Every Single Woman Hates To Hear

Thought Catalog


I go out with my friends, I hang out with my guy friends, and I love my family. I love my job, and I absolutely love meeting new people. Doesn’t that sound pretty normal? Well, what if I told you I’ve been single my entire life? Now the perception of me changes. Why does that happen?

Being single seems to have a stigma these days. Why don’t you want a boyfriend? Why don’t you see yourself getting married? Don’t you want a family? Constant questions similar to these are bombarded upon single women like myself. I’m only in my twenties; I have time to figure out what I want in my love life. Don’t pressure me. The worst pressure is when single women, especially ones who have never been in a relationship, receive this one question from men they meet:

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“How have you been single your…

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