College Freshman Lessons…taught everywhere but the classroom.

Thoughts Travel Far...

As I sit in my tiny freshman dorm room for one of the last times, I can’t help but remember how nervous I was prior to moving into this place. Looking back, although move-in day seems like just yesterday, the girl who moved into this dorm isn’t the same girl who is going to move out next week. Throughout the past nine months, I have learned so much, and not just academically. Being in this place has grown me more than I imagined possible back in August. As this freshman stage of my life comes to an end, I am so thankful for the lessons college has taught me. Lessons that can’t be taught in a classroom. Oh, the things I wish I knew coming into college, but I’m so glad I know now…

1. Dorm rooms are small. You’re at college. Not at a luxurious resort. Welcome to real life.

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