18 Things I Love My College Friends For

Love this! And missing my college friends/sistas! 🙂

Thought Catalog


College friends are a whole different species from high school and middle school friends. I have high school friends that I will love until the end of time, but my college friends have been there for me 24/7, in ways I cannot even describe, through a crazy first year full of ups and downs. I love them in ways I could never quite love my high school friends, and here are only a few reasons why:

1. For the birthday celebrations that made college feel like home.

2. For the Dunkin Donuts runs every morning during finals week, and helping me study for that Art History test I knew nothing about.

3. For never leaving parties without each other, even when one of us was blackout drunk.

4. For helping each other deal with the unbearable pain of still living on the same hall as someone you used to care about, and still…

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