7 Struggles Every College Student Home For The Summer Faces

Thought Catalog


Back at home means back to old rules.

Moving back home can be a great thing, but it can be quite the adjustment as well! You go from being your own independent person, to living under your parent’s roof again which means that you follow their rules. It’s quite a culture shock to change your ways once you’ve had complete freedom.

Back at home means awkward “bed times.”

Once your back at home, you have to readjust to the fact that your parents and siblings don’t carry the same “1am bedtime” mentality that you may have developed at college. Tip toeing, whispering and the lack of acceptance from your parental units that ordering a pizza at midnight is not “okay.”

Back at home means people to judge you for how long you choose to stay in your bed.

I’m all for “seize the day”, but sometimes mornings are hard…

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