My name is Haley, and I went to PCB for Spring Break.

Thoughts Travel Far...

“Haley, what are you doing for Spring Break?”

“I’m going to Panama City with some of my friends.”

“Oh…well I hope you remember it afterwards.”

Frustration flowed through my veins every time I had to tell someone where I was going for Spring Break. As soon as the words, “Panama City,” escaped my mouth, I could just feel everyone’s assumptions of, “Oh, you’re going to drink. You’re going to party.” After a while, I stopped trying to explain to everyone that I’m just not interested in all of the party life. I just rolled my eyes at their assumptions, and let them believe whatever they wanted to believe about the Panama City stereotype.

However, yesterday, I came across the FOX News report of  Spring Break in PCB. I was sickened. Disgusted. And most of all, utterly and completely heartbroken.

Sickened? Yep, that’s easy to understand. If you watched the video…

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